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How to Host the Perfect Virtual Gathering

Need a little social interaction during self-isolation?  The digital world makes it easy to host a gathering where nobody has to leave their home.  Here is how to throw your own virtual party!

1. Set a date – the days are still busy, even with everyone at home!  Go for an evening or a weekend.
2. Send an invitation – send an invite through Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, email or text.  Provide the access link if you have it.
3. Choose a platform – pick the group video platform that best fits your needs – Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Houseparty.
4. Be Creative – Ice Cream Dream – have your guests craft their perfect sundae, It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere – make it a virtual happy hour!
5. Make it Interactive – check out the Jackbox Party Pack for a variety of creative online games, Watch a movie using apps like Netflix Party and Kast.

Pro Tips:
To avoid shadows, face your webcam away from windows.  You could also consider a virtual background depending on the platform you use.
If everyone agrees, record the video chat within the platform or through a screen recording app.  Send it to your guests after or edit it into a party highlights reel to look back on the lighter moments of this unique self-isolation experience.

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