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Flex Space – How Interior Design will change after Covid-19

“Realtors and design experts expect that among the trends that could emerge from the pandemic are more minimalist design and easy to clean decor and surfaces, a preference for multi-purpose spaces and more closed-concept floor plans to provide more privacy.

Renovations could include permanent home offices with a professional aesthetic for video calls, at-home gyms to stay active and a backyard oasis to replace cancelled vacation plans.

Interior designer Tracy Laqua predicts that open-concept living spaces are on their way out and ‘flex’ spaces will be the new norm.

All this time indoors is forcing people to reflect on their living accommodations, says principal consultant and owner of Hamilton-based in-ex-teriors design firm Tracy Laqua. 

“They have a greater amount of time that they may not have had prior to the pandemic, to really sit down and figure out what’s important to them and what those changes might look like,” she said.  

It’s not unusual to expect that a global event will alter our way of living.” 

Read the full CBC News article here.

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