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BC Assessment – Appeal Deadline is January 31, 2022

File a BC Assessment Appeal (property assessment review) on or before January 31, 2022.  For information and forms – here is a direct link to Appeals.

Understand the assessment process –

BC Assessment is responsible for assessing over 2 million properties in British Columbia as of July 1 each year. 

The assessment process in British Columbia is governed by the Assessment Act of British Columbia. The Assessment Act is legislation that provides rules and processes for BC Assessment to follow when creating and delivering property assessments.

The Assessment Process (Three Steps)

  1. Information collection

Information is collected and analyzed by BC Assessment appraisers for all properties in British Columbia. (Most often this information collection occurs when properties are created/constructed, but can also occur at other times like when properties are renovated.)

  1. Information analysis 

Property sales are analyzed by BC Assessment appraisers to understand the property market as at July 1st of each year. This new market information is used to set the new assessments.

  1. Create and deliver assessment notices

Assessment notices are created and then mailed to all property owners on December 31 each year. 

Key Dates

January 31 – Property Assessment Review Panel Deadline 

People wishing to request an independent review of their assessment must file their written notice of complaint with the assessor by this date. 

July 1 – Valuation Date 

The date actual (market) value of properties is determined for the purpose of assessment rolls. 

October 31 – Physical Condition and Permitted Use 

The assessment reflects the physical condition and permitted use (zoning) of property as of this date, except where substantial damage or destruction of the buildings occurs. Learn more about Valuation Date versus Physical Condition Date. 

December 31 – Assessment Notices

Completed assessment information produced and mailed to property owners. Assessment information and value totals delivered to tax authorities and are available online.

Assessment Roll Quality

As an internationally recognized leader in property assessment, BC Assessment follows independent standards for assessment roll quality. Learn more about these standards.

Follow the link for the full article and Frequently Asked Questions here.

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